Client Reviews


"Perhaps the most important aspect of Laurabeth’s work as an educator comes from her ability to combine a first rate intellect, honed and exercised at the highest academic level at Brown University, with her intense curiosity about the experiences of her students and uncompromising desire to find techniques that encourage individual and cooperative creative development.  She listens with compassion, openly shares lessons she has learned, encourages the ideas of her students and colleagues, and works incredibly hard to support the vision of her collaborators. Laurabeth is a truly unique performer and educator. Her experience and her creative, innovative approach to the Theatre and its role in our culture are rare and exceptionally valuable. I will continue to learn from her."

Jason Carvell

Actor, "Blindspot", "Daredevil

"Laurabeth is truly an amazing coach. She asks insightful questions to get you to the heart of the character and really makes you commit to choices you make as an actor." 

Dallas Rico 

Director, Actor

*currently developing a series for NBC* 


"Laurabeth has always focused her practice around quality over quantity- she keeps her clientele small- and really works with us like a personal trainer works with an athlete-helping us develop audition pieces that truly show who we are as actors and as people. I have friends that easily pay 5x what I pay for this service and are one in an ocean of actors in a studio. I pay a fraction of that and actually feel like I have somebody at my side through the entire thing who actually cares about what I’m doing. This profession is hard, but I’ve definitely noticed an increase in callbacks after starting to work with Laurabeth. She’s made me a more refined, confident and versatile actor." 

James Sakalian,  Actor 

Armenia, My Love...

"I had to send in a last-minute self-tape for an audition. A friend told me about working with Laurabeth so I reached out, even though I only had a few hours to get the tape done. She helped me put something together quickly that I felt good about submitting. I definitely plan on working with her again in the future." 


Lavita Thompson, Actress